9 Reasons to Build with Promptings

  1. You get to build a business with the premier relationship development company on the planet. 
  2. Be trained by experts that have a success record. 
  3. You get to work with a company that’s been paying residuals for 18 years consecutively. 
  4. We have a pay plan that pays Daily. Already paid out over $200M in commissions.
  5. 100% virtual opportunity that requires no deliveries or products to stock. You can work from your phone or computer. 
  6. Our product is priced at a fraction of the price of retail market competition.
  7. High value products that benefit many others besides just the user. With our products, people who aren’t even users of our products benefit from our products. Our users know how great it feels to SEND  Heartfelt Promptings cards, recipients of those cards benefit when they receive those cards. 
  8. Our customer retention is amongst the highest in the industry. This is significant to ensuring your long-term success. 
  9. DFY = Done For You marketing sales pages and funnels. 

Also in this week’s episode:

4-step social media strategy 

  1. Identify your ideal avatar 
  2. Every day, FR 10 people that fit your ideal avatar
  3. Your profile should identify who you are and what you do
  4. Make 1 video per day for 7 days (3-min each) Day 1: Your mission, what you do and why. Day 2: teaching/education moment, take one thing you’ve learned and teach it. Day 3: repeat day 2 (different lesson). Day 4: repeat days 2 & 3 (a 3rd lesson, takeaway). Day 5: Share a success story (yours or someone else’s). Day 6: explain who your ideal avatar is. Day 7: Make an offer. 

Hey, Matt Shorty Wells here. Jordan asked a question in this episode. Here’s my answer:

One thing that makes it worthwhile for me to build a Promptings business? 

Golly how do I pick? 

First thing that comes to mind is the deliberate focus on expressing gratitude daily that my experience with this company has helped me develop. 

Prior to getting involved here, I understood – at least to some degree – the value of Gratitude but today I have a much deeper understanding and a much stronger habit and focus on feeling and expressing gratitude daily. That’s but one reason that makes this whole endeavor worth it, for me.

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