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Misc/Noteworthy Training Clips & Highlights

The New Year’s training call. Chopped & Captioned Edition.

Some Thoughts On How to Sign Up a New Customer or Affiliate

10 Things You Can Do To Be An Energy Giver vs. An Energy Sucker

7 Things You Can Do To Get People To Say Yes.

​​​​​How To Run a Zoom Conversation

The Awakening

You Don’t Need To Master The Comp Plan / You’ll Never Know Everything

Networking & Your 30-Second Commercial

Why Tell Stories & How To Develop Compelling Stories

The Power of Energy (A Must Watch!)

1-Min (or under) Clips from Beach Money Nation Trainings

Matt Shorty Wells creates and posts clips on YouTube. A few below. More at https://www.youtube.com/@mattwellsexpressgratitudedaily/shorts

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